Master Sergeant Newson

In 2005, I was deployed to Iraq. It was a very stressful time in my life. I had just built a Townhome, and after living in my new home for thirty days, I found out that I was being deployed. I was also newly married. We got married one day and I left the very next day for my deployment. To relieve the stress of being deployed, during my down time I studied Taekwondo, Yoga, and Boxing. One of the bright points of my deployment was getting care packages.

I along with the other Soldiers in my unit, were receiving individual care packages from a wonderful NFP, organization. There were Soldiers getting care packages from different organizations, but the ones we received from this particular NFP organization, were second to none. After weeks of contemplating on how to give back to this NFP organization, I came up with an idea of selling T-shirts, and other accessories.

My first order of business, was to figure out what kind of T-shirts to sell. I decided to create a fictional character, who is a Secret Agent. This Secret Agent, can do everything. He is assigned a mission by the units First Sergeant, to find a lost memo.

Now that I had my fictional character, who is a Secret Agent and is on a mission. I needed to come up with a unique logo. I have always love drawing Stick Figures, so I designed a logo that captured my love of stick figures, with a little added touch of the Military To-Boot. Next, I needed to give him a name. I took a little from each of my stress relievers, (Taekwondo, Yoga, and Boxing) and TaeYoBox, was born. My mission is to donate monies to organizations who support the US Military, and it’s, Veterans, and their families.

Master Sergeant Franklin P Newson